Richmond Bankruptcy – Filing Bankruptcy in Richmond, BC

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Richmond, BCCampbell, Saunders Ltd., 604-200-5277
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Our Richmond Bankruptcy Trustees can help:  If you are faced with a debt challenge you might feel trapped, stressed out and worried about how to go forward in your life.

If you have been struggling with debts it is important for you to realize that there is professional help available. and at a reasonable cost.

You have the legal right to seek a relief for your debts through personal bankruptcy, making a consumer proposal or other debt relief options.

At Richmond Bankruptcy we have a team of skillful, respectful and caring debt relief professionals who can offer you a free confidential evaluation for you to discuss your debts with a professional who can help you get your finances under control.

All of our trustees have been certified by the CAIRP and always follow a strict code of professional ethics, which is one of the requirements of being a member of the CAIRP.

The trustee will always give you the best advice possible based on your financial circumstances – even if that means that you won’t use the services of our team of trustees.  You can feel confident in speaking with one of our trustees, especially since we offer confidential, free and no obligation evaluation review meetings.

We can help you live debt free and get your debt under control.

Using the Canadian Bankruptcy law is a legal and ethical way to get your finances under control, wipe out your debts and stop creditor harassment, collection attempts or wage garnishments.

Richmond Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals:

Richmond, BCOur trustees can help you get out of debt in as little as nine months if you go bankrupt.

The purpose of the bankruptcy law is to give you a chance for a fast fresh start.

The exemptions in BC will protect the assets you own from seizure.

The purpose of the consumer proposal laws is to give you a chance to repay a portion of the debt you owe over a period of up to 5 years.

One of the main benefits of a consumer proposal is you can protect assets that are not covered by the bankruptcy exemptions.

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