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Debt Consolidation in Salmon Arm, BC

Debt is something that can take a severe toll on your mental wellbeing.

Constant collection attempts by debt collection agents make you fear taking calls or opening letters.

Debt consolidation in Salmon Arm, however, is a tool that you can use to escape financial difficulties and plot a path to a brighter future.

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What Is Salmon Arm Debt Consolidation?

If you are in debt, you probably owe multiple creditors money.

Each lender expects you to repay them on time and in full.

But if you don’t have sufficient income, you can soon fall behind on payments, triggering legal proceedings against you.

Debt consolidation is a credit facility you can use to reorganize your debts.

Instead of paying multiple creditors individually every month, you take out a loan with a single lender covering all your existing debts.

Then, over the following months and years, you repay the debt consolidation company manageable installments, thereby clearing your debts.

Debt consolidation in Salmon Arm offers two distinct advantages:


  1. Lower interest rates. Debt consolidation companies typically charge a lower rate of interest on loans that many other creditors, including credit card and personal loan companies. You may pay anywhere between 7 and 12 percent.
  2. Reduced pressure. When you owe multiple creditors money, they each put you under pressure to recoup the cash. Some people can get dozens of calls per day, requesting payment. Debt consolidation puts a stop to this, allowing you to work with a single lender, often on favourable terms.


How Salmon Arm Debt Consolidation Counsellors Can Help

Living with high levels of debt is an emotional burden that can severely affect other areas of your life.

The stress of owing lots of money can damage your professional life, relationships, and even health.

Salmon Arm debt consolidation counsellors, however, can help.

With them, you can review your current financial circumstances and find ways out of your financial predicament.

They analyze your income, expenses and debt levels and then recommend a course of action that you might want to take to resolve the issue.

Many of these services are non-profit.

That means that they are not trying to make money out of you by charging high fees for consultations.

Often, they are free.

Furthermore, they are impartial, meaning that they won’t try to sell you debt management products for a commission.

Instead, they objectively look at your case and then recommend the best approach based on your circumstances.

There is no shame in approaching a Salmon Arm debt counsellor.

They are compassionate people who understand that nobody goes into debt willingly.

They know that you can get into money trouble for all kinds of reasons outside of their control, from unemployment to illness.

So how, exactly, can Salmon Arm debt consolidation counsellors help?

Choose The Best Debt Consolidation Option For You

Debt consolidation is a generic term that describes a range of different credit products you can use to combine loans into a single facility.

These include:


  • Consumer loans. These are unsecured loans (a bit like personal loans) that give you the cash you need to pay off your existing debts upfront. They come in both variable- and fixed-rate flavours.
  • Home refinancing. If you’ve paid off your mortgage, you may be able to refinance your home. As a form of secured debt, interest payments tend to be lower.
  • Second mortgages. Similarly, you may be able to take out a second mortgage based on your home equity value.
  • Revolving credit. If you have a good credit rating, some lenders will offer you revolving credit up to a specific value, again secured by your home.


Consolidate Your Debts

Once you have a plan in place, accredited counsellors in Salmon Arm will consolidate all your debts.

They take care of the administration and work with creditors to reduce early repayment fees and penalties.

Furthermore, they will only recommend a plan if you can afford the repayments.

If you cannot, they will seek alternative debt reduction strategies.

Reduce Your Monthly Interest Payments

Getting Salmon Arm debt consolidation can potentially save you thousands of dollars in monthly interest payments.

Suppose, for instance, you owe the following:


  • 5,000$ credit card debt at 15 percent;
  • 10,000$ car loan debt at 8 percent;
  • 2,000$ personal loan debt at 30 percent.


If you hold these debts for a year and do not pay them off, your total interest charge will be $2,150.

Combining all of these loans into a consolidated loan at 7 percent, therefore, could dramatically reduce the total interest you pay across the year.

Under the same assumptions as before, you would only pay $1,190 in interest (and that figure would decline for every payment you made), saving you $940 CAD.

Create A Spending Plan

Finally, credit counsellors help you create a spending plan that will avoid the need to ever go into debt again.

They work with you to craft a budget and identify spending habits that might be putting an undue burden on your finances.

Ideally, you need to know how much money you have leftover in the pot after you pay taxes and all your necessary living expenses.

Once you have this figure, you’re able to work out what you have to play with every month.

After getting debt consolidation help, you may want to consider making lifestyle changes to prevent a repeat of debt problems you are experiencing right now and give you more financial freedom.

Downsizing, for instance, can free up more money at the end of the month, helping you build your wealth.

Get Salmon Arm Debt Consolidation Help

If you have a problem with debt, you can speak with Salmon Arm debt consolidation counsellors today.

They introduce you to suitable financial options and help you to feel better to boot.

Remember, you don’t have to live with the emotional burden of uncontrollable debts.

There is always a way out of financial difficulties, whether through debt consolidation or some other mechanism.

Reaching out for help is the first step.

Credit counsellors offering debt consolidation could change your life.

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