Sunshine Coast Bankruptcy – Filing Bankruptcy in Sunshine Coast, BC

Sunshine Coast Bankruptcy –
Filing Bankruptcy in Sunshine Coast, BC

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Sunshine Coast, BC
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The team of local Sunshine Coast bankruptcy trustees listed on Bankruptcy Canada are all certified professionals of the CAIRP (Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals).

This professional organization requires their members to follow a strict code of ethics and professional standards.

Our Sunshine Coast bankruptcy trustees offer free and confidential insolvency consultation meetings to discuss your finances.

Once our trustees understand your income, assets and debt they can offer the best suggestions for handling your debt.

Our trustees can recommend you make a consumer proposal with your creditors, go bankrupt, or in some cases, the trustee can advise you how you can even avoid going bankrupt or making a proposal.

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Our Sunshine Coast Bankruptcy Trustees offer a confidential and risk free initial consultation to speak about your finances and debt.

Sunshine Coast, BC
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Learn about the purposes of the bankruptcy law, going bankrupt and making a consumer proposal, as well as any other possible debt relief options that might be available to you.

When going bankrupt your eligible debts will be eliminated in 9 months and the Bankruptcy Exemptions in BC will protect certain assets from protection.

Going bankrupt was intended to provide a chance for a new start to a fresh financial life in an easy and fast manner.

If a person would like to repay a portion of their debt over a period lasting up to five years, you can make a proposal to your creditors to repay a portion (about 20 to 30%) of your debt over the length of the proposal.

By working with our trustees you can make a successful proposal to your creditors.

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Imagine your life debt free!