Benefits of a Consumer Proposal

What are the Benefits of Filing a Consumer Proposal? If you have severe debt problems that you are having trouble managing with budgeting the benefits of a consumer proposal might cause you to want to consider a consumer proposal as there are many benefits

Debts Erased in a Bankruptcy

Debts Erased in a Bankruptcy When you receive your discharge from bankruptcy the debts erased are all of your eligible debts that existed at the time of the bankruptcy filing. You must include all of your debts in your bankruptcy

Canadian Bankruptcy Myths

Canadian Bankruptcy Myths One of the things a trustee has to deal with in his or her practice is the misinformation given out about bankruptcy. Some of the worst offenders are the media. The following are some of the common

Credit Counsellors vs. Trustees.

Credit Counsellors vs. Trustees. Review this Website. Are there advantages for a person using the services of credit counsellors vs. Trustees? Let’s consider the facts and then you decide. Remember, that your objective is to get out of

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Steps in a Canadian Bankruptcy

Steps in a Canadian Bankruptcy Steps in a Canadian Bankruptcy, #1 of 7: Consultation with the Trustee. Call a trustee and set up a FREE confidential consultation. Steps in a Canadian Bankruptcy - Please bring this filled out form to the first meeting

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy It is a common misconception that a person has to wait 6 years after his discharge, until the record of his bankruptcy drops off the credit bureau report, until he or she can start rebuilding credit after bankruptcy.

Steps in a Consumer Proposal

The Steps in a Consumer Proposal    Steps in a Consumer Proposal Explained by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee 1. The first step in a consumer proposal is to contact a local trustee (known as a consumer proposal administrator) to schedule a Confidential and free

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