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Terrace Bankruptcy Trustees

Terrace Bankruptcy Trustees – Licensed Insolvency Trustees

When you find a trustee you can get a CONFIDENTIAL CALLBACK by clicking on the Evaluation Button

Congratulations!  You’re one step away from a debt free life.   Your consultation is FREE and confidential.


Bankruptcy Terrace Derek L. ChaseDerek L. Chase, Toll-Free: 1-888-387-7904
400 Tenth Avenue, Campbell River, BC V9W 4E3
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Terrace BankruptcyTerrace Trustees and Consumer Proposal Information:

Terrace Bankruptcy Trustees:   If you have been struggling with overwhelming debt you can schedule a risk free, no obligation and FREE confidential consultation with a Terrace trustee.   Please call Derek L. Chase at 1-888-387-7904 if you would like to discuss how a bankruptcy or consumer proposal can help you get out of debt.

You will discuss your finances and assets with Derek and learn how the bankruptcy law can help you deal with your debts.

Our team of local trustees are proud to offer confidential, risk free evaluation reviews and we are able to set up monthly payment plans as required.

The bankruptcy laws were enacted to provide individuals, struggling with debt, a chance erase their debts and start fresh.

Our Terrace trustees can help you examine your finances to determine whether you should go bankrupt or if it would be more appropriate for you to file a consumer proposal.

Individuals who file a Terrace bankruptcy are able to wipe out their debts in a quick and easy manner.   The vast majority of bankruptcy cases are over in 9 months and all asset are kept.

Individuals who wish to pay off a portion of their debt over a period of time can make a consumer proposal to their creditors, which our trustees can assist with doing.   A consumer proposal will have you pay off generally about 30% of your debt over a period lasting from 3 to 5 years.   One of the major attractions of a consumer proposal is the people can keep all their assets, even ones that might be lost in a bankruptcy.