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Money woes can keep folks awake at night.

They are one of the biggest causes of marital breakdown, and family breakups.

Too much debt, incurred for a variety of reasons — some perhaps from over spending but some through no fault of your own — can seem insurmountable and daunting even to the most financially responsible individual.

Maybe it’s happened because of job loss, or maybe because you’ve had major repairs on your home you hadn’t saved for, but worry about debt is one of the biggest concerns Canadians cite when surveyed about their hopes and concerns about their family’s future.

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Many Canadians live practically week to week, counting on their pay check to arrive at the end of the week or month to cover ongoing costs of living like rent, groceries, and other expenses.

Any sudden, unanticipated expense — like a new roof, for example, or a car that’s broken down — can throw a wrench in the works and make a mess of the household budget.

Although studies suggest that everyone should have at least three months’ income in savings, enough to cover all expenses if something unexpected occurs, that amount is simply not feasible for a lot of middle and lower income Canadians, who are struggling just to meet their weekly and monthly bills.

It can feel overwhelming, we know.

But Thornhill Credit Counselling Services can help.

Our non-profit agency has been helping Thornhill and surrounding areas families and individuals with credit counselling for years.

We can help you design and stay on a budget, one you and your family can live with.

If your situation is more concerning than that, if you are in over your financial head, we will explain and recommend options for you to consider to get through a difficult time, including bankruptcy, if that is the right solution for you.

For more than two decades, we at Thornhill Credit Counselling Services have been helping clients get control of their finances, pay off consumer debt and feel in control of their financial destinies again, at no charge to you.

Our experienced, well trained counsellors understand thoroughly the regulations surrounding credit, bankruptcy and consumer proposal regulations in Ontario.

We clarify and fully explain all avenues open to you, including consolidating your debts into one, manageable monthly payment, and get sky high interest charges reduced or eliminated to help you tackle the amount you owe.

Furthermore, we can intervene to stop those collection agencies from calling your home or place of work, because we know that those interruptions cause only more stress and worry to an already upsetting situation.

How Can We Help?

No one intends to get into trouble financially, but it can happen in the blink of an eye, with one unexpected expense.

For example: let’s talk about how quickly things can spiral out of control by examining one case: a client — we’ll call her Jane — whose car broke down, the car she needed to get to work.

It took three days for her mechanic to get the parts needed to repair it, but by the time her vehicle was road worthy, she had missed five days of work.

Her employer laid her off.

Without income, she had to use her credit card to pay for the automobile repairs, and her weekly groceries.

While looking for a new job — which she found in three weeks — she used credit for all her expenses.

By the time her new employer started paying her, she was $19,000 in debt, and had no way to pay it down without sacrificing something in her weekly budget.

To help Jane get a handle on that debt, which was soaring each week with interest, we drafted a budget that included weekly payments to creditors, and stopped them from calling her.

We got the interest rate reduced. We developed a budget for Jane she could live with, and even included a small weekly sum for a savings account.

Jane is just one example of the hundreds of people Thornhill Credit Counselling has helped over the last 22 years.

You don’t have to be on the brink of bankruptcy to need us; even if you feel your financial situation is careening out of control, give us a call.

One of our counsellors will be more than happy to conduct a confidential consultation with you, and even set up your counselling session online to get started.

We’re free, we’re confidential, and we’ve helped hundreds on Thornhill residents over the years.

We are looking forward to helping you, in whatever way possible, to make your financial life less stressful.

Contact us whenever you’re ready, and let’s get you back on the road to financial health.

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