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Our Georgetown, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee, is your one-stop resource-rich destination if you are looking for debt or insolvency/bankruptcy support.


A. Farber & Partners Georgetown, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

360 Guelph Street
Georgetown, Ontario L7G 4B5
Phone: 1-844-244-9772


What We Do


We help you with bankruptcy or consumer proposal.

Additionally, we help with other issues relating to debts and finances.

We meet and interact with you to bring about greater clarity on the financial issues you may be facing and explain to you the processes involved in different debt solutions.

We administer the bankruptcy processes.


What is Bankruptcy?


Bankruptcy is one of the options to address debt problems.

It offers immediate relief from mounting debts.

It is a legal process administered by us or any other trustee.

A trustee under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act of Canada is the only class of professionals entrusted with this task.

Filing bankruptcy is your last solution only when you have exhausted the other possibilities of paying off your debts.

Bankruptcy offers you legal protection when you are unable to pay off your debts.


What is a Consumer Proposal?


A consumer proposal is one of the alternatives to bankruptcy.

It is a better option that bankruptcy.

You do not have to surrender your assets when you file a consumer proposal.

You will need to pay a certain minimum amount under consumer proposal for several years defined in advance.

In other words, you pay something to your creditor.

This amount could be barely one-fifth of the loan amount.

Bankruptcy could be a better alternative only when you have no assets and your income is also low.

If it is otherwise, a consumer proposal is your best option


What Are the Other Options?


There are several other options such as debt consolidation, debt settlement and a few more.

It is difficult to answer which is the best option for someone without studying their case.

We invite you to speak directly with one of the professionals listed on this website operating closest to your location.

They would study your case and recommend the various options available to you.

You can clarify all your doubts and raise your queries in our free no-obligation meeting with you.