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When you have debt built up over years that are accumulating interest and penalties, often it all results in a burden that you can no longer pay off especially if your income has been disruption or your savings have been eroded by a financial emergency.


In such situations, when you are insolvent, bankruptcy may seem to be your only reprieve.


In Canada, bankruptcy is designed to be an effective solution for those who have genuine reasons for not being able to repay their dues.


A. Farber & Partners Kirkland Lake, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

23 Prospect Avenue
Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 2V3
Phone: 1-844-244-9772 


Debt Help in Kirkland Lake, Ontario


There are also alternatives to bankruptcy available in Kirkland Lake, such as a consumer proposal.


Often, a proposal is more attractive than going bankrupt.


It takes an expert to decipher the laws in such a way that you, the beleaguered debtor, can get the most benefit from them.


Remember that bankruptcy requires certain duties from you as well.


You have to fulfill those to the letter in order to get your discharge, that is, freedom from your debts at the end of the designated period.


It is imperative for you to comprehend what these duties are and how you are expected to fulfill them and this is something that a local Canadian bankruptcy expert can tell you in detail.


This is not all that you need to know.


Bankruptcy affects your finances in different ways and your future finances are well.


For instance, it stays on your credit report for a period of at least six years, meaning that during this time, getting new credit is very likely to be a difficult task.


If this is your second bankruptcy, this duration could be longer.


Bankruptcy also affects different debts that you have in different ways.


Unsecured debts may mostly be eliminated but secured debts remain on your account in general and you still have to pay those off.


Add that to the costs of the bankruptcy process itself and you can see why knowing more about these aspects helps you immensely in the bankruptcy process, allowing you to get your discharge without trouble and within the shortest possible time.


A. Farber & Partners, our Kirkland Lake, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee is your most trusted ally in this process.


With impressive experience and qualifications in this field, our friendly insolvency professional has helped many Kirkland Lake residents eliminate debts through the bankruptcy process and get back on their feet post debt elimination.


Book your appointment for a free consultation where you can share your financial status in perfect confidentiality and take your first step towards a debt free life today.