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Being in debt or being on the verge of insolvency is very taxing, both mentally and physically.

They incapacitate initiative and rob an individual of their risk assessment capabilities.

This is something that results in an individual not being able to apply their hard-earned financial lessons to any future commercial ventures.

Just as when an individual is suffering from a physical ailment and goes to a doctor to remedy it, so too should an individual with crippling debt go to a professional who can assist in remedying that situation for them.

I am such an individual, and I excel at my vocation.


A. Farber & Partners St. Catharines, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

93 ON Street
St. Catharines, ON L2R 5J7
Phone: 1-844-294-7980

Professional St. Catharines, Debt Help

Being a licensed insolvency trustee operating out of St Catharines, ON I have had extensive experience in aiding debt afflicted individuals as well as overseeing numerous bankruptcy cases.

I understand how difficult the decision to recruit me to aid my clients is, and I do complete justice to it by being available at all times and by conducting a very thorough financial assessment of my client.

Though I specialise in insolvency, oftentimes to make a heavy debt more manageable it may simply require some debt restricting, consumer proposals, informal debt payments or even consolidation of debt instead of declaring bankruptcy.

I like to prepare and present my clients with a list of options considering their financial situation for them to decide which one they favour most.

Bankruptcy is no longer the taboo word it used to be.

In fact, some of the best and harshest financial lessons are learned through insolvency.

Once applied to any future financial prospects these lessons aid the individual and drastically increase their probability of enhancing their financial security and safety.

However, as hard as insolvency can be, there is no reason to go through it alone.

With the aid of a licensed insolvency trustee, you can count on experience as well as professionalism to help aid you in your hour of need.

The last decision that you must take on your own initiative is the decision to pick the phone and book an appointment with me.

After that, you will have a professional to aid you through your financial situation whereby you and I will be vested in building your financial future together.

The road to your financial recovery may be long, but the first step is for you to set that appointment and then for us to figure out how to help set you on the financial course you deserve.