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Dealing with a huge debt burden is not an easy task at all for anyone.


If your income is simply not adequate to pay off your debts, you may be getting inexorably closer to insolvency and once you are at the brink, you may have to start thinking about bankruptcy.


Declaring bankruptcy is not an easy decision at all to make.


After all, there are some very serious consequences to it.


If you are unsure about what implications it has, as any layman is likely to be, then the idea seems all the more terrifying.


The first step you should take here is to get in touch with a qualified, competent local bankruptcy professional.


Allan Marshall & Associates Inc. Saint John, NB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

53 King St.
Saint John, NB E2L 1G5
Phone: 506-801-1087


With an experienced local bankruptcy professional guiding you, you have access to reliable knowledge about the laws pertaining to bankruptcy and debt repayments, at hand.


Saint John Debt Relief Advice


There are ways in which you can ensure that you do not lose the biggest assets, such as your house, even post-bankruptcy.


But to understand how, you need the advice and guidance of an expert in these matters.


That’s what a licensed bankruptcy professional can do for you- tell you exactly what to do and when and how so that the impact of bankruptcy upon your wealth, upon your financial reputation is minimised.


Your primary goal is to eliminate your debts but are you sure that bankruptcy is the only way to achieve that goal?


Have you considered other alternatives and compared the implications with bankruptcy?


You should, if you want to make a decision that is well informed and that you will not have second thoughts about.


This is another area where a trustworthy bankruptcy professional can help you by outlining to you all the available debt management, debt repayment options that are open.


Of course, you can always rely upon the professional to give you the right advice about which option is ideally suited given your specific circumstances.


With Allan Marshall Saint John, NB Licensed Insolvency Trustee by your side, this is exactly the advantage you have.


With the expert bankruptcy professional on your side, you may even be able to avoid bankruptcy and still eliminate your debts effectively.


Once you are well on your way to becoming debt free, your friendly insolvency trustee will also help you understand how to change your financial habits so that you never fall back into a debt trap.


Contact your expert local bankruptcy professional, Allan Marshall Saint John, NB Licensed Insolvency Trustee right now, to take the first step towards getting rid of your debts.