BDO Financial Restructuring Services Bonavista, NL Licensed Insolvency Trustee

BDO Financial Restructuring Services,
154 Confederation Drive, Bonavista, NL, A0C 1B0


If you are facing a debt challenge, we are here to help you.


We know the impact of debt challenge can be really bad that can worsen with time.


It is a kind of emergency situation that must be addressed.


Bonavista, NL Licensed Insolvency Trustee provides assistance, help, and guidance to any Canadian with debt problems, no matter how chronic or rigorous it has become with time.


BDO Financial Restructuring Services Bonavista, NL Licensed Insolvency Trustee

154 Confederation Drive
Bonavista, NL A0C 1B0
Phone: 1-877-336-0293


The Purpose of Debt


Debt can solve a lot of problems but when not handled well it can also cause a lot of damage.


Debts, when managed well, can bring happiness to you and your family.


It can help individuals and businesses grow and prosper.


Debts can be especially damaging when managing debt becomes painfully impossible.


It damages emotionally and psychologically.


It gives rise to low self-esteem and results in a number of psychosomatic disorders.


Since the purpose of debts is to propel the engine of growth the governments would not want the purpose defeated.


There are legal mechanisms in place to ensure the machinery of debt running.


One way to do that is to close the cases of bad debts and enable the people to make a fresh financial start.


How We Help


If you are unable to pay off your debts, there are mechanisms in place to help and support you.


We are a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.


It is our job to intervene in difficult and complex cases.


We will negotiate with your creditors for a favorable deal.


The purpose of our help is to get your debt closed.


There are several options available to close the debt.


We understand that the quantum of your debt has piled to a huge amount that you find difficult to pay.


If you cannot pay off your debts, we will not ask you to.


We may ask you how much of the debt amount can you pay.


You will let us know this amount and we will get in touch with your creditors to negotiate in your favor.


Since we have your case thoroughly studied and examined, we know your concerns.


You may even request us to go ahead with bankruptcy, but we will ask you to wait and let us explore bankruptcy alternatives.


Bankruptcy is the last option when no other options are available.


Your case will enable us to learn whether bankruptcy alternatives are available or not. The chances are high that we will find several options you are comfortable with.


We will help you choose the best alternative in your case.


We will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options.


Finally, we will move ahead with the option that suits you best.