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When you have debts jointly with your spouse, does your insolvency affect their liability?


What happens when you file for bankruptcy and don’t pay off debts?


Can the collection agents seize your property?


What about penalties? Do they keep adding up on your debts?


These are just some questions that you may be mulling over if you are facing a huge debt burden with no way to pay it off.


When you are on the brink of insolvency and it has become imperative for you to take immediate action to eliminate your debts, the option of bankruptcy may seem to be the only way out.


Bankruptcy is indeed a viable strategy to choose if you genuinely have no means to pay off burgeoning debts.


However, it is in your best interests to understand the process thoroughly and its implications before you start the paperwork.


BDO Financial Restructuring Services Regina, SK Licensed Insolvency Trustee

2002 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 0R7
Phone: 1-844-230-6067


BDO Regina Debt Help


The law is complex with respect to bankruptcy because it aims to protect both the debtor and the creditor.


This makes it doubly important for you to know what you should expect when you file for bankruptcy.


But how do you do that??


A lay person may have neither access nor the legal background to understand complex legal terms and rules.


Thankfully, you have an expert local bankruptcy professional at the ready to help you out.


BDO Financial Restructuring Services,  a Regina, SK Licensed Insolvency Trustee is your tested ally in this process.


With the necessary experience in bankruptcy, a clear and thorough understanding of the laws that apply on you, a commitment to helping people like you not only get out of debt but stay out of debt as well, BDO has helped many Regina residents emerge debt free.


Keep in mind that there may be certain aspects that you can handle much better if you are aided by an expert.


For example, if you have good equity built up in your home, there is a strong possibility that you will have to let your trustee take it over and liquidate it to repay your creditors.


However, there may be a work around that our licensed insolvency trustee can suggest that allows you to retain your hard-earned asset.


Ably guided by our team of friendly professioanls, you can get through the bankruptcy process in the shortest possible time, fulfill your duties and get your discharge without any delays.


Our Regina licensed insolvency trustee can also help you identify where your financial habits led you wrong and deep into debt so that you can correct them and avoid the debt trap in the future.


Book your appointment for a confidential consultation with us now and take one step forward towards a debt free future.