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5 Springdale Street, Suite 1000, St. John’s, NL, A1E 0E4

BDO Financial Restructuring Services St. John’s, NL Licensed Insolvency Trustee

5 Springdale Street
Suite 1000,
St. John’s, NL A1E 0E4
Phone: 1-877-336-0293


Debts can be likened to a horse you ride on.


If you control its reins, you reach your destination, but when uncontrolled it not only dismounts you but can trample and bruise you as well.


We do not want people to suffer due to exorbitant debts piling up against them.


Debts can be difficult to manage once it goes out of control.


It needs to be handled with care and dexterous financial skill.


If you are a Canadian faced with frustrating financial challenges as a result of your debt problems, you are recommended to contact St. John’s, NL Licensed Insolvency Trustee.


We help you unconditionally until you are completely free of debts.


Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Alternatives in St. John’s


Filing for bankruptcy is a solution to the debt problem, but it is not the only solution.


There are a large number of other alternatives.


Bankruptcy can be applicable only when you meet certain conditions.


However, even when you meet these conditions, bankruptcy may not be the best solution for you.


There are better solutions in the form of bankruptcy alternatives.


We can determine the best solution in your case only after we study your case.


We will further examine and evaluate your case to determine the best solution.


We do not recommend bankruptcy unless there is no other solution available.


There have been cases when our clients who had originally thought of bankruptcy as their best or even only solution later changed their mind when we showed them better solutions in bankruptcy alternatives.


Once you contact us, we begin working on your case promptly.


We may even hold meetings and discussions with you because your interest is of primary importance when solving your case.


Your views, opinions, concerns, and suggestions are taken care of in the solutions we provide.