Derek L. Chase Campbell River, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Derek L. Chase, 
Toll Free: 1-888-387-7904

400 Tenth Avenue, Campbell River, BC, V9W 2P9



Derek L. Chase Campbell River, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

400 Tenth Avenue
Campbell River, BC V9W 2P9
Phone: 1-888-387-7904


Campbell River, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee with their local and national presence stands as a sentinel to defend the rights of Canadians who are faced with financial distress.


You are only a call away from help.


You only need to get in touch with one of the professionals nearest to you listed on this page.


Why Meet Us


We may not be on the same page right now.


What you see as your problem is not what we see your problem is.


You may think, you are in an impossible situation.


We think otherwise.


You may think, financial distress has ruined your present and future.


We beg to differ.


You may think, there is no advantageous solution to your problem.


We can visualize an excellent financial future ahead for you.


These are some of the reasons we would want to meet you.


We would want to explain to you why we think as we do.


We would want to let you know why we are confident in our belief.


You are not the first case we are dealing with.


We have dealt with hundreds of cases of people who were in worse financial circumstances you are in now.


What Happens in Our Meeting


Our meeting is the preliminary stage of the process of your debt resolution.


In our meeting, we will discuss your case and your financial history.


This meeting is going to be absolutely confidential.


We will work to build our trust and confidence. We will show you how we would approach your financial problem.


We will work on the strategy of multiple solutions to enable us to choose the best one among them.


We would explain to you why one solution in comparison to the other is more advantageous to you.


What is best for you is not necessarily the best for everyone.


Each individual has unique financial circumstances.


You will select the most convincing solution.


What Happens Next


Once we agree upon a solution with your consent, we will get down to the paperwork.


Your application will be submitted and your creditor will be informed.


They will stop sending you reminders.


You will no longer receive harassing calls.


The processes are different for different solutions.


You may have to follow certain guidelines and regulations in case you have filed the bankruptcy application.


No matter which solution we go ahead with, you will be kept informed of any action we take in respect to your case.


Our communications and interactions will be transparent.


You will have control over the process while maintaining the legal compliance.


We will work with absolute dedication and commitment until your debts are settled and you are ready to make a fresh financial start.