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Barrington Passage, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee is dedicated to serving the Canadians caught up with mounting debts.


The resources available on this page will most likely answer several queries you may have.


We would nonetheless recommend you contact one of the professionals listed on this page, who may be closest to you.


With our national presence, no matter where you are in Canada, you will find a trustee you may like to contact.



Grant Thornton Limited Barrington Passage, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee

3588 Highway 3
Barrington Passage, NS B0W 3B0
Phone: 1-888-211-3574


Implications of Financial Distress


Financial problems can be challenging.


It could lead to multiple cascading effects.


It can lead to stress.


They can cause wrong decision making.


It can mean having being left with no money with the pressing need for necessities.


It can cause conflict in relationships.


We understand these things pretty well. So we recommend early help to avoid further complications which grow with time.


Immediate Help


At this stage, we understand that you need immediate help.


We understand its emergency.


The earliest settlement of your debts saves you from paying the mounting interest.


We ensure that your debts are brought to an end as early as possible.


You stop receiving harassing calls and reminders and you begin your fresh financial start.


How Do We Help


There are two aspects of debt help.


The first involves meetings, counseling, education, and learning.


The second involves the actual processing of your file at the end of which your debts are either reduced or written off depending on whether you are going ahead with bankruptcy or alternatives to bankruptcy.


We hold meetings to explain everything.


We counsel and educate our clients.


Our trustee enables and empowers them to make informed decisions.


We also hold a meeting to solve your present case immediately or as early as possible.


In this free, no-obligation meeting we let you ask questions and we address your doubts and queries.


We discuss your case in-depth.


We study and evaluate it.


The trustee will also study and evaluate your financial circumstances.


Based on these evaluations, we recommend possible solutions.


We explain all the solutions along with their pluses and minuses.


Our trustee will honor your decision or choice of the solution.


We also advise you on the possible best solution along with why in our opinion this solution is the best one.


Action Step


Once we reach the solution, we begin with processing your application.


We submit the form to the appropriate authority and inform your creditors.


They will no longer make threatening calls.