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The long road to financial security is often riddled with the potholes of debt.


Often times, despite our best endeavours and efforts we find ourselves being straddled with debt and that debt can soon start enlarging itself till it becomes so onerous that simply providing enough to keep the debt at bay becomes a challenge.


That is where I come in.


Grant Thornton Limited Bathurst, NB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

270 Douglas Avenue
1st Floor,
Bathurst, NB E2A 1M9
Phone: 1-888-296-2822


Local Bathurst Insolvency Trustee


As a licenced insolvency trustee operating out of Bathurst, NB I can safely tell you that debt and insolvency are not the demons that society makes them out to be.


Most new businesses go under in their first year, and most debt accumulation happens on the back of an inefficient streamlining of financial resources available to an individual.


Just like we trust the experts when it comes to issues of health, we must similarly trust the experts when it comes to issues of debt and not believe inherent misconceptions about it.


And some of the biggest misconceptions are about insolvency.


Bankruptcy is not taboo, nor is it indicative of any failure.


In my experience insolvency is a great teacher, and it imparts hard-learned lessons for those who can look beyond their present situation to how their accrued experience and knowledge can aid them in their future ventures.


Many financial success stories have their origin in insolvency that freed the individual to now expand upon their experience and venture into new enterprises with a much better probability for success.


Being a licenced insolvency trustee I am privileged to work with many such individuals who have turned their life and finances around after understanding insolvency to be nothing more than a very necessary learning experience.


I do justice to their struggles and their spirit by applying myself completely to understanding their financial situation in detail and then offering my opinion as to the best course available to them.


Understanding this process to be a difficult one, my experience allows me to streamline it, expedite it and explain it.


My clients are always aware of what they can expect and when in regards to their insolvency or debt restructuring.


I understand how hard it is to for my clients take the first step to contact me and acknowledge that they require assistance with their debts, but I can assure you that as difficult as that step is, it will be their first on the road to their financial recovery, security and success.