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If you are looking for debt help in Charlottetown you have found the correct page for you. ‘


We can help you find the right solution to your debt problem.


You need to get in touch with us to put an end to all your debts and your worries along with it.


Grant Thornton Limited Charlottetown, PEI Licensed Insolvency Trustee

557 North River Road
Charlottetown, PEI C1E 1J7
Phone: 1-888-296-2822


But I Have an Astronomical Debt


No worries!


Whether your debt amount is small or big, manageable or unmanageable, it will be brought to an end.


There are several bankruptcy alternatives tailored to the needs of diverse people with diverse financial backgrounds.


Most of us would want to repay what have borrowed from someone else.


You also probably want that to happen, but your current financial circumstances are a big hurdle.


The Federal Government of Canada gives you a chance for a fresh start which is supported by law.


As Licensed Insolvency Trustees, we have been mandated by the Government to help the Canadians facing financial problems.


It is under this mandate that we are ready to help you even if you may not be in a position to pay anything.


Will I Have to Surrender Everything?




The cases are of diverse nature and each case is unique.


We will study and examine your case and based on our evaluation, we will let you know the various options available to you.


Just because you have a huge debt, your debtors have no right to seize anything from you.


Your consent will be needed for any action we take, and bankruptcy is the last solution.


We will study and examine your case to evaluate it once you get in touch with us.