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Grant Thornton Limited Digby, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee

68 Water Street
Digby, NS B0V 1A0
Phone: 1-888-296-2822


Why Explore Bankruptcy Alternatives


Bankruptcy may or may not be your best choice depending on the specific nature of your case.


Bankruptcy may not be as bad as its reputation.


It ruptures your credit history.


Nonetheless, there are strategies to rebuild an impeccable credit history post-bankruptcy.


There are several bankruptcy alternatives.


Your financial and other circumstances determine which alternative is best for you.


We support our clients whether they go for bankruptcy or bankruptcy alternatives.


Some of these alternatives can work pretty well even when your repayment capacity is not very strong.


We take time to understand the financial history of our clients and several other factors including their present financial circumstance before we recommend a solution to them.


Our Service


We are here to serve you and solve your debt problems.


Our trustee will educate and counsel you on issues related to debt.


We ensure that we find a debt solution for you and resolve your case.


This helps you make a fresh financial start.


We counsel you along the way so that you do not fall a victim to the debt trap.


While working out a debt solution for you, our endeavor is to get the best solution for you.


Although we administer the bankruptcy process, we recommend this route as the last option.


There are bankruptcy alternatives that may possibly work out for you.


We explore these alternatives and recommend the best one among them relevant to your case.


Our Client Relationship


We invest time in our clients.


We strive hard to build a strong relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and confidence.


Our dealings and interactions with our clients are built on an ethical foundation.


We treat our clients with dignity and respect them.


We focus on educating and counseling our clients so that they are empowered to make sound financial decisions.


This proves rewarding when they make a fresh financial start.


We are transparent in our dealings with clients.


We explain to them each action step we are required to take.


The trustee does not take action without consent.