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Are student loans, home loans, credit card bills etc. proving too much for you?

Do you feel like you need help with your finances?

There is no need to feel disappointed with yourself.

You must know that in Canada, bankruptcy has registered a steep rise of late, for various reasons.

Many feel ashamed to file for bankruptcy thinking it tells on their ability to manage their finances.

But this is not always true.

Unprecedented incidents can happen in life which can make you helpless.

You should approach a Licensed Insolvency Trustee for the best solution to your financial woes.

Only a government approved LIT will be able to help you legally sort out this mess.

Our Shelburne, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm welcomes you to approach us with your concerns.

Grant Thornton Limited Shelburne, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee

125 Water Street
Shelburne, NS B0T 1W0
Phone: 1-888-211-3574


Be Well-informed


Our team consists of a trained group of finance professionals who keep your best interests at heart.

Our Shelburne, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee informs its clients of all options available to them, to better their financial condition.

We advise you to come for a free consultation with us.

You can use this session to answer all your queries.

In turn, we will use it as an opportunity to understand your monetary problems.


How We Enable Your Bankruptcy Procedure


Bankruptcy can rescue you from your debts and help you restart your financial life.

Often, Consumer Proposal and Credit Counsellng do not prove to be adequate measures to solve your problems.

In such circumstances, you must qualify to be able to file for bankruptcy.

Your proficient trustee will inform you of the duration of your bankruptcy procedure.

Your assets will be handled by our LIT too.

As soon as the bankruptcy gets filed, relief comes to you in the form of creditors being unable to contact you.

It will be your trustee at Grant Thornton, Shelburne NS who will now deal with them.


Your Role in All of This


While the bankruptcy process will be handled almost completely by your LIT, you will also have certain duties.

You have to inform your trustee about all your debt, income, investment and assets.

Being dishonest can get you in legal trouble.

Our Shelburne, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee will arrange for mandatory credit counseling sessions for you.

The trustee will keep you updated about everything.

In short, there is very little we require you to do once you enlist our services to help you tackle your finances.


If you are ready to take back control over your finances, contact us today and let our experience help you free you of your worries for good!