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Filing for bankruptcy is a means to get a reprieve from your debts.


If you are burdened by unpaid bills that are growing steadily day by day with penalties and interest adding to the magnitude, bankruptcy seems to be a simple and effective solution.


Under Canadian law, bankruptcy is indeed a very effective strategy to get rid of a massive debt burden and restart your life afresh.


The purpose of bankruptcy laws is to protect your rights to the maximum when you are insolvent and genuinely have no means to pay back your debts.


J. Bottom & Associates New Westminster, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

604 Columbia Street
New Westminster, British Columbia V3M 1A5
Phone: 604-200-5268


New Westminster Debt Assistance


The nuances of bankruptcy laws in Canada are often complex and there are many aspects to understand before you can make the most efficient use of this debt management strategy.


But unless you know what to do and how, you cannot hope to address this.


This where your New Westminster, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee of J. Bottom & Associates comes to your help.


With an experienced, qualified bankruptcy professional like J. Bottom & Associates in your corner, you have ready access to tips and advice on how to handle each aspect of the bankruptcy process.


Starting from a thorough review of what this process means for you, how it will affect your debts, which debts it will cover to filing the paperwork for you and then right until you get your discharge in hand, we can help at every stage with relevant advice and assistance.


A bankruptcy can affect your credit score for a long time, six years at a minimum.


It also has some costs associated with it, that you have to be prepared to pay.


If you have joint debts with your spouse, bankruptcy affects your liability differently than when you have debts independently.


Also, bankruptcy does not let you off the hook with respect to paying income tax.


These, and many other nuances need to be considered well when you are opting for this debt management strategy and to do so you need an expert standing by who can help clarify your queries.


J. Bottom & Associates is that ally whom you can rely upon to get you through bankruptcy with the minimum impact on your finances and to also help you put your finances back on track.


Call today to set up your first free consultation towards becoming debt free.