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Our Lasalle, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee is your single-stop destination for complete assistance with debts.


We have resources including highly skilled and competent professionals located across Canada to provide you debt assistance, no matter how complex your problem may sound as of now.


Financial trouble is among the most difficult problems one can encounter.


The problem with debt is that it grows monstrously if not controlled early.


When dealing with debt problems, the phrase “Time is money” sounds pretty much real in its exaggerated form.


Normally, we recommend our clients to treat it as soon as the early signs of danger are noticed.


We would recommend you to get in touch with one of our professionals in Canada located closest to you listed on this site.


They would be happy to assist you once you contact them.


Le Groupe Serpone Lasalle, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

1666, rue Thierry, bur.
Lasalle, QC H8N 2K4
Phone: 514-418-0547


Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Lasalle


We are a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act, the Federal Government of Canada mandates a class of professionals to administer the process of insolvency.


These professionals are known as Licensed Insolvency Professionals.


As the LIT, we offer guidance or support to our clients.


We regulate insolvency proposals and consumer proposals that come to us.


In the process, we offer a whole range of guidance to our clients.


We protect the rights and interests of our clients.


We ensure that they get a fair and impartial deal.


Other Responsibilities


Apart from the execution and administration of insolvency and bankruptcy, we provide a large number of other services relating to debts and financial problems.


We hold discussions and meetings with our clients.


The purpose of these meetings is to educate and counsel them on important financial issues affecting them.


Education and counseling enable them to understand their cases.


It helps them make sound financial decisions in the future when they begin a fresh financial start after their debts are closed.


Our Client Relationship


We endeavor to build a healthy and positive relationship with our clients.


We are aware of our responsibilities towards them.


Our trustee takes our ethics very seriously and comply with all ethical norms expected of us in our conduct.


We treat our clients with respect, dignity, and honor.


We try to get them the best deal for them possible under their financial circumstances.


To this end, we negotiate with the creditors to offer the maximum rebate possible unless they have filed personal bankruptcy.


It is evident that when you file for personal bankruptcy, you have nothing significant to offer them if you do not have assets.