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Our Brooks, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee helps and supports a Canadian looking up to file bankruptcy or bankruptcy alternatives.


We have professionals across Canada who can be contacted at any time during office hours for help with debts.


Based on your location, you may contact the professional who is located closest to you.


We understand unmanageable debt can be challenging and stressful.


As soon as we intervene, you may consider the beginning of the end of your financial woes has begun.


MNP Limited Brooks, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

#5- 20 Fairview Avenue
Brooks, AB T1R 0N8
Phone: 1-888-208-2694
Secondary phone: 587-333-7880


Is there a Best Solution for Debt Resolution?


There is, in fact, no single best solution.


Consider the following debt scenarios: A neglected paying regular installments for the house they purchased 3 years ago, for some reason not under his control.


B missed a few installments for a house purchased 3 years ago in the last few months.


C has paid nearly 75% of the installments but stopped paying recently due to some problems.


In these three cases, the solutions will not be the same.


It will depend largely on the financial circumstances of A, B, and C.


Moreover, we will not recommend filing for bankruptcy to C, no matter how bad his financial circumstances may be.


We have a better option for C.


Similarly, in the case of B, we may recommend not filing bankruptcy if the problem can be solved by any other means.


In the case of A, we will go for bankruptcy only if A has nothing at stake to lose.


We need to study your case to actually determine what the best course for you will look like.


Our Strategy


Our strategy focuses on offering the best deals to our clients.


The best deal can mean one or more among a number of things.


It means not burdening you financially any more than you already are in.


It also means if time is a factor that will help you, then offering you the time flexibility.


It may even mean writing off your debts for nearly nothing or a minimal amount.


The reason we are here is our clients.


So the interest of our clients is at the core of what we do.


The solutions we provide are meant to empower our clients and help them make sound financial decisions in the future.


We educate and counsel them to this end.


Our Client Relationship


We focus on building a strong relationship with our clients.


This relationship has to be long term based on mutual trust and confidence.


Our relationship continues even after they become debt-free and embark on a fresh financial start.