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Our Châteauguay, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee is your one-stop destination for all possible debt help.


If you have been stressed too much over your debt, and if you think your debt is impossible, you need to hold a free no-obligation meeting with us.


We will tell you how the debt solution is as easy as it can be.


However, if you delay the debt issue for some reason, it begins to get unwieldy and unmanageable.


MNP Limited Châteauguay, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

75, boul. St-Jean-Baptiste
Bureau 225,
Châteauguay, QC J6J 3H6
Phone: 450-234-0130


One of the reasons you are now in this stage is because you already delayed it for much longer than it needed to have been.


We would recommend contacting one of our professionals listed on this page and operating from all over Canada.


It is best to contact your local professional.


They are in the best position to guide you and bring the most favorable deal for you because they are conversant with the local laws.


How Will You Solve My Problem?


We will solve it as we have found the best solutions for hundreds of thousands of other Canadians faced with the same problem.


Some of them were on the verge of suicide and had given up their hopes.


The turning point in their life came soon after they contacted us.


We have the skill, knowledge, and experience.


In addition, we have a license.


In Canada, only Licensed Insolvency Trustee can intervene in cases involving bankruptcy or consumer proposal.


If you thought bankruptcy was your best solution, you could possibly be wrong.


Nearly 8 out of 10 clients who think bankruptcy is their best option are often mistaken.


Bankruptcy is not the best solution in most of the cases of large debts because there are other alternatives that are better.


We do not know your case, yet most likely, you may have a bankruptcy alternative as a better option.


What Happens After We Contact You


Once you contact us, we get going without a delay because time is of critical essence in cases involving money that accumulates interest over time.


We will fix a meeting with you.


This would be a kind of education and counsel related meeting for us to know each other.


We also get to know your financial problem and the circumstances that brought you there.


Armed with information about your case, and the tools and skills we have, we find the best deal for you.


If for some reason, you think the best deal is still expensive for you, we take time to understand your queries and concerns and do our best to accommodate your concerns in our negotiation with your creditor.


When you are convinced that you got the best deal we move ahead with your consent to execute this deal.