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MNP Limited Edmonton, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee specifically caters to the dire needs of Canadians in financial straits.


We operate locally and nationally.


If you came to this page looking for financial assistance, we welcome you to get in touch with any of the professionals listed on this page nearest to you.


We have assisted thousands of Canadians with financial solutions best suited to them.


We counsel as well as actively administer debt resolution.



MNP Limited Edmonton, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

10104 – 103 Avenue
Suite 400,
Edmonton, AB T5J 1E2
Phone: 1-888-310-4687


Our team offer solutions on how to get out of debt, how to save money, how to manage your money smartly, how you can use your credit responsibly.


If debt repayment has turned unmanageable, we are here to help you as a licensed insolvency trustee.


Licensed Insolvency Trustee Office in Edmonton, Alta.


We are in a unique position to help you because we are accredited by the government and we have decades of experience.


Our office has a deep understanding of the debt related issues.


We know pretty well, how financial worries can ruin your future.


Actually, it is the ‘worries’ that harm you, not the debt itself.


The debt problem has multiple solutions very much within your control.


Only, you are not aware of them.


But your stress has no stand-alone solution.


The only solution to your stress is to eliminate your debts.


When you become free of debts you are free of stress.


Then you can make a fresh start.


In our no-obligation first meeting with you, we will explain to you the step by step process involved in the elimination of your debts.


If you think, bankruptcy is the only solution for you, we will help you administer the process.


Nevertheless, we do not come to the conclusion of bankruptcy as the best solution unless we study and investigate your case.


In most of the cases that come to our notice, we have found that bankruptcy can be avoided.


You want to build your future on a sound financial footing.


So we wish for you.


The only challenge is to overcome the huge debt.


Once you eliminate that monster, you can begin saving your earning and in a short time build a strong financial support for yourself.


We are here to show you how, as we have already done that for thousands of our clients.


The issues involving debts and finances are too many and too complicated.


You can use our free resources available on this website to understand them.


However, we recommend you to meet our financial experts face to face and understand all the nitty-gritty weighing heavily in your mind.


All we can say without the least doubt and with no knowledge of your case is that your financial problem can be easily solved because the laws are in your support.


We only need to unleash the legal power that will work to restore your lost glory.