MNP Limited Grand-Mère, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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602 de, Avenue de Grand-Mère bureau 360, Grand-Mère, QC G9T 2H5


Are you looking for help with servicing your debts?


You will find this resource-rich page useful for your needs.


There are articles and other resources to guide you in the right direction.


Self-study and research on debt and financial issues can go a long way in addressing your worries and concerns.


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MNP Limited Grand-Mère, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

602 de, Avenue de Grand-Mère
bureau 360,
Grand-Mère, QC G9T 2H5
Phone: 877-251-3489


Our Defining Feature


We are a Licensed Insolvency Attorney.


We have the experience and skill to handle complex debt issues and successfully solve the cases.


However, our defining feature is the commitment to serve our clients with credible solutions to their debt problems.


We strive for excellence and attention to each case we receive with due attention it deserves.


We apply our knowledge, skills, and tools to understand the causes, their background, and context so as to find the lasting solution.


A case may have several solutions but the best and the lasting solution is the one that not only solves the case promptly but also permanently along with empowering the client enough so that can handle financial dangers coming their way in future.


In addition, this solution has to be the least burdensome for the clients.


Our Client Relationship Strategy


We interact with our clients one on one and treat them with dignity and honor.


We respect their queries, concerns and opinions and try our best to include their demands or requests in the solution that we arrive at.


Our success lies in the success of our clients.


So we focus on building a long term relationship with clients based on mutual trust and confidence.


The quality of our service sustains their trust and confidence in us and eventually our relationship.


The cornerstone of our business is ethics.


We adhere to the professional code of conduct and comply with the ethical code in our relationship with clients and other stakeholders.


We serve to defend our clients and empower them with counseling and education.


Our trustee will defend your rights from being abused by the creditors.


Once our clients become debt-free, they embark on a fresh financial start.


They may not need us any further but we keep in touch with them and promptly attend to them whenever they may need us.