MNP Limited Hollis St Halifax, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee

MNP Limited, 902-901-5260
1801 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS  B3J 3N4

MNP Limited Hollis St Halifax, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee

1801 Hollis Street
Halifax, NS B3J 3N4
Phone: 902-901-5260


Nearly 125,000 Canadians file bankruptcy every year in Canada. The best solution in the cases as yours is finishing off the problem at its root once for all as early as possible. Debt is a monster that grows slowly in the beginning but gets disproportionately large over time. We recommend you get in touch with one of the professionals located closest to you. The sooner you access the help, the earlier the menace will come to an end.

How Can We Help You

We are Licensed Insolvency Trustees. We are mandated by the Federal Government of Canada to assist Canadians caught up in the debt trap. Whosoever files bankruptcy or consumer proposal in Canada has to take the mandatory help of a trustee. A trustee helps their clients see through the process of debt resolution smoothly without hiccups.

We have decades of experience and we have highly skilled experts in our repertoire. We have handled the most difficult cases possible and closed them to the satisfaction of our clients.

We handle each case that comes to us with due attention and care. We strive to get the best deal for our clients since their interest is our topmost priority.

Our Interaction Process

We love to interact with our clients through meetings and discussions. It helps both parties. We come to know the case of the clients along with their financial circumstances, while our clients come to learn how we would handle their case, the steps involved, and the possible outcome. We try our best to accommodate the concerns of our clients in the debt resolution process.

We inform the clients about all possible debt solutions available to them. We let them know that bankruptcy should be our last option only when there is no other option available. There are several bankruptcy alternatives. Most of the people who had initially favored bankruptcy as their solution change their decision when we speak to them.

Our Client Relationship

We focus to build a strong relationship with our clients. Unless clients and the service providers trust each other with confidence, the process of debt resolution gets delayed. The lack of trust leaves a bad taste even after the resolution process comes to an end. We do not want that to happen to us. So we deal with our clients ethically. We respect and honor our clients and address their queries, concerns, and doubts.