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Debts looming large upon you when you have no way to repay them can result in a very stressful situation for you and your family.


Calls from collections agents threatening to initiate action, the threat of property seizure or of utilizing your spouse’s income to repay your debts- all of these can cause distress especially if you are unaware if these actions are permissible by law or you have protection.


To deal with these, you may be considering declaring bankruptcy and eliminating your debts for good.


MNP Limited Kingston, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

945 Princess Street
Unit 1,
Kingston, ON  K7L 0E9
Phone: 613-519-3110


Kingston Bankruptcy Advice


Kingston bankruptcy laws protect both the debtor and the creditor and for this reason, they may often be complex.


It is necessary for you to understand clearly how they affect you and your finances.


For example:

·      Are you aware that your secured debts may not be eliminated after discharge and you may still be liable to pay them?

·      Do you know that your biggest assets, like your home, may be taken over, and liquidated to pay off your creditors?


These and many other questions may be arising in your mind when you decide to file for bankruptcy.


What you need is an expert who can answer them for you accurately and also tell you how exactly the law applies to your situation.


MNP Limited Kingston, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee is just the professional who can help you in this situation with guidance and advice on the bankruptcy process.


With our friendly insolvency trustee by your side, you have an able guide to lead you step by step through bankruptcy and ensure that you get your discharge quickly after fulfilling your duties as required.


MNP Limited has the experience and qualifications to give you tips and advice on setting right your finances post-bankruptcy as well.


Many locals have successfully eliminated their debts and set their finances back on track with help from MNP Limited.


You can also do the same.


Set up an appointment today and discuss your financial problems with perfect confidentiality.


In return what you get is a meticulously formulated debt elimination strategy that will help you emerge financially free in the shortest possible time.


Call now for setting up your appointment.