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If you came to this page looking for professional bankruptcy help, this is your one-stop guide to all debt-related information and assistance.


As Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) we are qualified and accredited to serve you with our decades of experience.


The Canadian Government authorizes qualified professionals to administer consumer proposal or bankruptcy.


These qualified professionals known as Licensed Insolvency Trustees are accredited and therefore are the only class of professionals who are authorized to intervene on your behalf and negotiate with the lending agency the best deal that can be had for you.



MNP Limited Leamington, Ontario Licensed Insolvency Trustee

55 Erie Street North
Leamington, Ontario N8H 2Z4
Phone: 877-907-7575


Professional Leamington Debt Relief


Even when you choose to file personal bankruptcy, we can help you get the best deal.


Our website contains nearly all information that you are possibly seeking. In case you do not find your answer you are most welcome to contact us.


The articles in our database are the latest and the most authentic ones to offer you the best updates on debt and bankruptcy.


Leamington, Ontario Licensed Insolvency Trustee is located in Leamington, Ontario and open to all residents from this area seeking help with debts, but we have our presence all over Canada.


No matter where you are from in Canada, you will find our professionals in your area ready to offer their assistance and advice.


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They will be ready to help you anytime during the office hours.


If you are not comfortable reading the long and tedious articles here, you are welcome to speak to us for clarification or even long discussion.


Our first meeting with you is a no-obligation, cost-free meeting.


Like most other people we have helped, you are probably also worried like them on issues like bankruptcy and consumer proposal, their differences, and several other questions.


There are myriad other questions that remain unanswered for them.


We understand.


Articles and resources do offer clarifications and insights but they do not come even close to what you get in a face to face interaction.



You are welcome to fix an appointment with one of our professionals and discuss your problem in as much detail as you want. Our professionals will surely address all queries you may have and even go a step ahead in recommending the best solutions available to you. They will explain to you the pros and cons of each of the solutions and also explain why one solution is superior in your case to the other.