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Our Leduc, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee offers their help and support to anyone in need of debt or financial help.


There are only two conditions.


One, you should be a Canadian citizen in a debt.


Two, you need to contact us.


Except for these two conditions, we offer unconditional help and support no matter how serious or complicated your case may be.


You will find the debt professionals listed on this page.


The professional operating from your area or closest to you is the best professional to take help from.


MNP Limited Leduc, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

5019 49th Avenue
Suite 200,
Leduc, AB T9E 6T5
Phone: 1-866-290-4140


Causes of Debt Problems in Leduc

Debts are often seen as solutions to a large number of financial problems.


Policymakers and economists all over the world encourage the policy of debt to keep the engine of growth going.


Debts lead to the creation of more jobs and other economic activities with money increasingly more in circulation.


The quantum of debts to be sanctioned by banks is based on precise calculations.


A nation enjoying robust economic growth along with optimum employment and productivity can afford to distribute more debts than the nation not doing economically well.


However, for some individuals, financial problems including the problem of debt can emerge due to individual factors as well as macro factors such as layoffs, and closures.


The government and policymakers work on the presumption that a certain percentage of loans distributed will go bad.


That is the reason the legal and economic systems help individuals unable to pay their debts.


Our Support Strategy


We have been mandated by the Federal Government of Canada to help and support the citizens struggling with debt problems.


From this mandate, it is evident that the law and the government are in your favor.


That is, there are solutions in place in case you find it difficult to manage your debts.


We are mandated by law to execute the solution for you.


While our help and support are open to anyone in need, technically we cannot go out of our way to help you proactively.


Unless you consent to access the help, you cannot be helped.


However, once you contact us we are legally bound to help and support you.


The major plank of our support strategy is to close the case because it helps the system and the economy.


However, just because we have to close the case doesn’t mean we propose and compel you to an impossible solution that you may find difficult to execute.


We strive to offer you the best solution that is more convenient and advantageous to you or to anyone in your financial circumstance.