MNP Limited Neepawa, MB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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251 Davidson Street, Box 760, Neepawa, MB, R0J 1H0


Do you require insolvency and bankruptcy assistance in Neepawa, Manitoba?


You’ve come to the right place – MNP Limited Neepawa, MB Licensed Insolvency Trustee is open for servicing Neepawa residents.


If you’d like professional guidance and help with filing your bankruptcy or wish to learn about alternative ways in which you can successfully discharge your debts, we ask you to contact us.


Only a government approved Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help you professionally begin a debt discharge procedure.


You might be able to DIY many things in life but this isn’t one of them.


We advise you to seek out a trusted and recognized bankruptcy trustee to help flag off your debt resolution process.


If you happen to be in the Manitoba area, well there are few options that can parallel our service at MNP Limited Neepawa, MB Licensed Insolvency Trustee.



MNP Limited Neepawa, MB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

251 Davidson Street
Box 760,
Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0
Phone: 204-800-1635


When Should You Contact Us?


You need not have to have existing debt to get in touch with us.


If you want to avoid a financial disaster, contact us as soon as you notice the following –


  • You are unable to make timely repayments to your creditors
  • Your credit score has nosedived
  • You are struggling to manage your daily expenses
  • You could use help budgeting your income and expenses
  • You are running out of your savings
  • While MNP Limited Neepawa, MB Licensed Insolvency Trustee helps clients file for bankruptcy, our services do not end there. We provide financial restructuring and counseling for our customers too.


Do not let your credit score slide.


It will not only impact your ability to receive loans in the future, it might also make way for an avoidable debt load.


The sooner you act on your financial distress, the more able you are to counter it efficiently.


Why Contact Us?


Our Neepawa, MB Licensed Insolvency Trustee has been in the insolvency and bankruptcy relief business for years now.


We are aware of the precise manner in which to tackle every debt situation.


Our team does not judge you for the debts you have incurred.


No, we know how easy it can be to rank up debt.


Instead, we provide you with proper emotional guidance so you can maintain your wellbeing while we handle your debt discharge for you.


We take over any creditor communication that you might have been subject to thus far, as well as, the required paperwork for your debt dissolution procedure.


You don’t have to worry about a thing when you engage us into helping rid your debts.


We see to it that you walk away debt-free and financially able, once we’ve finished working on your case.