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Bankruptcy is an effective method to get rid of massive debts and to restart your financial record afresh.

The Canadian law has designed bankruptcy laws so that debtors with genuine reasons for being unable to pay back the debts can get relief in the fairest possible way without adversely impacting creditors too badly.

Thanks to these laws, bankruptcy is used by many debtors to eliminate debts they have accumulated without a way to pay off.

MNP Limited New Glasgow, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee

452 East River Road
Suite B,
New Glasgow, NS B2H 3R2
Phone: 902-200-1951

New Glasgow Debt Help

If you are thinking of opting for bankruptcy as the solution for your debt problems, there are many things you should consider well and understand.

For example, bankruptcy comes with its own costs.

Expect to pay minimum of $1,800 to the trustee in exchange for their services.

There may be other costs too apart from this towards the administrative fees and costs of filing.

You have to make arrangements for these.

You should also know that bankruptcy leaves a long-term impact on your credit record, a minimum of six years for first bankruptcy and longer for second or third timers.

This mention of bankruptcy on your credit report makes it difficult for you to get fresh credit even post discharge.

Then there is the question of which debts are discharged and which remain on your account.

Understanding how bankruptcy affects you in all these ways is crucial before you file the paperwork because otherwise you would be in for some rude shocks in the future.

If you are a resident of New Glasgow you are in luck.

MNP Limited is a NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee who has experience with debt management and bankruptcy and has helped many locals get back on their feet post discharge.

All you have to do is call, book an appointment for a free consultation and you are well on your way to dealing with your financial troubles in the most effective manner you have available to you.

MNP Limited offers the guidance you need during the filing process right until you have all the paperwork completed and also advice and clarifications on all the questions you have about bankruptcy and how it will affect you.

All your interactions with your New Glasgow, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee are completely confidential and you need not harbour any anxiety about your personal data leaking out to third parties.

Bankruptcy is an effective solution for your debt problems and your bankruptcy expert can help you get your discharge in the shortest possible time with the least implications upon your future finances.


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