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When you are facing overwhelming debts, you may be at your wit’s end trying to find a solution that can eliminate debts and safeguard your financial reputation.


Often, the two do not go hand in hand entirely, especially if are considering a big step like bankruptcy and you do not have the necessary expertise in the area.


What you need to know is that declaring bankruptcy can have long standing implications upon you.


Sometimes an alternative such as a consumer proposal is a wiser route.



MNP Limited North York, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

45 Sheppard Avenue E.
Suite 802,
North York, Ontario M2N 5N1
Phone:  647-931-6192


Your credit score is impacted for a long duration and that is not all.


You may lose some of your most valued assets as well, if you have substantial equity in them.


How do you ensure that declaring bankruptcy affects you in the minimal way?


How can you figure out if bankruptcy is the right strategy for you to adopt at this point?


Debt Relief Assistance in North York, Ont.


A qualified, trained local Canadian bankruptcy professional can provide invaluable assistance in this matter at this juncture.


The importance of hiring a local expert becomes clear when you know that bankruptcy laws may vary slightly from place to place so someone from your location is the best person to know what laws apply upon you.


Your friendly bankruptcy expert will also be in the perfect position to study your finances and your debts and tell you if there are alternatives to bankruptcy in Canada that you could consider that may have fewer implications for you.


Of course, to know how to get through the process of adopting any of these strategies, you can definitely use a helping hand from a local bankruptcy professional who knows exactly what to do and how to do it.


Remember, bankruptcy is a legal process governed by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and it involves getting a stay of proceedings.


All of this can be quite a lot to understand when you are already stressed by the mounting debt situation and this could lead to mistakes on your part.


With an experienced and highly trained professional standing with you and guiding you step by step, you eliminate all possibilities of errors.


If you are on the verge of insolvency in Canada and declaring bankruptcy is the best solution for you, talk to MNP Limited right away to ensure that you have the best minds in the business working with you.


With this kind of expert help, you can eliminate debt and set right your financial health with the least discomfort to you and your family.