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MNP Limited Penticton, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

445 Ellis Street
Penticton, British Columbia V2A 4M1
Phone: 1-888-389-0158


Insolvency Trustee in Penticton


According to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee has to administer the process of bankruptcy.


The license to do this job is given to them by the Federal Government of Canada.


A bankruptcy law varies from province to province in Canada.


The local professionals listed on this page for BC will explain to you the law on bankruptcy operation in this area once you get in touch with them.


How We Work


We offer a free, no-obligation consultation with our clients.


You may have several possible queries on bankruptcy laws and on the case relevant to you.


A Licensed Insolvency Trustee is in the best position to address your queries.


As soon as you contact us, we arrange a meeting with you to discuss your case.


In this meeting, we would let you know whether bankruptcy is your only option or you can go ahead instead with a consumer proposal.


There are several other bankruptcy alternatives.


We would explore one or more of these as possible solutions in your case.


There is no generic solution to debt problems.


Each case is as unique as the track record and financial circumstance of each person looking for a bankruptcy solution.


We study and evaluate your case including your financial background and arrive at the best possible solution in your case.


Our Goals


We work in a client-centric industry.


So our goals are clear.


We strive to deliver the most convenient and the best debt solution to our clients that completely satisfy them.


We also focus on empowering our clients with enough education and information so as to enable them to make sound financial decisions.


Our trustee ensures that our clients make a fresh financial start.


Our Client Relationship


The core of our client relationship is based on a strong and long-term relationship.


We strive to build this relationship on mutual trust and confidence.


We treat our clients ethically with respect and dignity.


Our communication including the data we share with them is completely confidential.


We believe the success of clients is our success and we leave no stone unturned to attain this goal.