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Prince Rupert, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee is accredited by the Federal Government of Canada to serve and support the Canadians seeking bankruptcy help.


Among those seeking bankruptcy help, a large majority need not go ahead with bankruptcy as they are eligible for one or more among alternative options.



MNP Limited Prince Rupert, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

4630 Lazelle Avenue
Terrace, BC V8G 1S6
Phone: 1-855-200-3006


Personal Bankruptcy in Terrace, British Columbia


Personal bankruptcy allows you to write off nearly the entire debt amount, if not all.


When you file personal bankruptcy, a licensed trustee comes into the picture.


The successful execution of your personal bankruptcy enables you to make a fresh financial start.


The process of bankruptcy involves the surrender of your assets (there are some exemptions though).


You are to perform certain duties and eventually your debts are written off.


Duties Required During Bankruptcy


You are required to perform certain duties during bankruptcy.


These include the surrender of your assets with certain exemptions, the surrender of credit cards to your trustee (there are some exemptions though), provide proof of your income on a monthly basis, attend two counseling sessions at defined intervals, file a pre-bankruptcy tax return, make monthly payments to cover the cost of administration


Should I File Bankruptcy?


Filing bankruptcy could be your best solution only when you have exhausted all other options.


There are several benefits of filing bankruptcy nonetheless.


You get instant relief from your debts.


Your creditors will stop harassing you or sending reminders.


You get the benefit of counseling that will prepare you for a better financial future.


It is not possible to say whether your specific case deserves filing bankruptcy.


It can be determined only after an examination and evaluation of your case.


As your local insolvency trustee, we are willing to help and support you.


You only need to contact us.


We respond as soon as you contact us.


We would study your case and examine the multiple possibilities or options to avoid bankruptcy.


What Are Our Responsibilities?


We have the following responsibilities:
  • We will find time to fix a meeting with you to make an evaluation of your case. We will review your case and recommend solutions;
  • We will review your information and answer your queries and doubts;
  • Our trustee will prepare the official paperwork;
  • When your paperwork is complete with your signature, we will submit your papers to the office of the superintendent of bankruptcy;
  • Your bankruptcy starts from here officially and you avail of bankruptcy protection under the law;
  • We will notify your creditors so that they stop harassing you;
  • The licensed insolvency trustee will administer the bankruptcy from beginning to end;
  • We will also counsel you and with your cooperation complete the bankruptcy requirements.


Eventually, we will ensure that all your debts are eliminated.