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Bankruptcy is a very viable solution if you have too many debts and not enough means to pay them off.


However, there are points to consider and understand before you file the papers.


There are costs associated with bankruptcy itself. A minimum of $1800 is what you would be paying towards the trustee’s services and administrative costs.


Then you have the cost of bankruptcy itself upon your wealth.


If you have a home or a similar big asset that you have a large equity built up in, then you may lose it now when the trustee takes it over, liquidates it and pays your creditors off.


Evidently, these points are critical for you and you should be well aware of them before you start filing your bankruptcy paperwork.


But who can give you the right kind of advice about these matters?


MNP Limited Quesnel, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

665 Front Street
Quesnel, BC V2J 5J5
Phone: 1-855-200-3006


Quesnel, BC Debt Assistance


What you need is some one with legal expertise as well as experience in handling bankruptcies.


Our Quesnel, BC Licensed Insolvency Trustee is just the kind of expert who can make a significant difference to you at this critical juncture.


With MNP Limited as your ally, you have an expert to fall back upon when you need answers or laws to be explained to you.


Remember that you have certain duties to fulfil when you file for bankruptcy. Only when you complete these will you be awarded a discharge that eliminates your debts.


Understanding these duties and knowing how to fulfil them is of critical importance and we can help you here as well.


Bankruptcy laws come with many nuances that may be difficult for you to comprehend.


For example, your spouse is still liable for joint debts that you own even if you are discharged.


Also, the nature of the debts you own and that of your assets determines if you have to pay extra before you can get your discharge.


An expert like MNP guides you through the process, explains the complexities of the law and ensures that you can file the paperwork without any delays so that you get your discharge in the shortest possible time as well.


But that is not all, our trustee can also help you identify your poor financial habits that led you to this situation so that you can correct them for the future.


The simple step of consulting with us today can set you on the right path to debt elimination.


Call us today to book your appointment.