MNP Limited Sorel-Tracy, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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600 Route Marie-Victorin, Bureau 103, Sorel-Tracy QC, J3R 1K7


Our Sorel-Tracy, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee is accredited and licensed by the Federal Government of Canada to administer personal bankruptcy.


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MNP Limited Sorel-Tracy, QC Licensed Insolvency Trustee

600 Route Marie-Victorin
Bureau 103,
Sorel-Tracy, QC J3R 1K7
Phone: 450-390-0764


Are You Looking For Bankruptcy Support in Sorel-Tracy?


No one wants to fall down the financial pitfalls leading up to bankruptcy.


The difference between those who do and those that avoid bankruptcy is not the difference of income, wealth or assets.


At least, not to the extent you may like to believe.


The actual difference lies in financial decision-making skills.


If you’ve fallen into this trap, we are here to help you.


We will help you extricate out of this muck and ensure you stand once again on a sound financial platform.


Only, your fresh financial start will also witness in you a financially transformed person enjoying the financial growth ahead.


When you meet us for bankruptcy help, we will evaluate your case to see if you qualify for bankruptcy and if you have bankruptcy alternatives available.


How We Help


Our support involves thorough examination and study of your case. We also analyze your financial situation and hold discussions with you.


Based on these studies, we recommend possible solutions including filing of bankruptcy.


However, filing of bankruptcy should be the last option.


There are alternatives to bankruptcy.


It is most likely that one of these alternatives to bankruptcy is more suitable in your case to avoid bankruptcy.


While arriving at a decision, we hold one or more meetings with you.


The purpose of this meeting is to understand and discuss your case.


We explain to you the details of bankruptcy or the alternative to bankruptcy.


Only after getting your consent, we move ahead to execute the solution.


Our Client Relationship


Our client relationship is built on the strong foundation of mutual trust and confidence.


We invest in the relationship which helps us arrive at a better understanding of your case.


It also helps us understand your worries and concerns and thereby helps us serve you better.


We comply with the ethical code of professional conduct.


We treat our clients with respect and dignity.


The cornerstone of our client relationship is confidentiality and transparency in our dealings.