MNP Limited Spruce Grove, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

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Spruce Grove, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee administers personal bankruptcy.


Trustees are a class of professionals accredited and licensed by the government with the mandate to serve the Canadians caught up in a debt trap.


In keeping with this mandate, we welcome you if you are looking for financial or debt help.


You can contact one of the professionals listed on this page located closest to you.


They would be happy to assist you, no matter how complicated or complex your financial problem may be.


MNP Limited Spruce Grove, AB Licensed Insolvency Trustee

110A McLeod Ave
Spruce Grove, AB T7X 2H8
Phone: 780-666-3427


Mounting Debt Burdens in Spruce Grove


An unmanageable debt burden indicates more than an accident.


It points to the fact of the lack of debt management skills.


Sound financial decision-making skills can certainly ward off the dangers of mounting debts.


In our one to one meeting with our clients, we counsel and educate them on these issues.


If you are a victim of the debt trap, you are one among nearly 125,000 honest Canadians who file bankruptcy or make a consumer proposal each year.


The law acknowledges your good intentions and provides legal protection to you.


We are here to execute the law in your favor.


We will do everything possible to help you get over your debts and ensure that you make a successful fresh financial start with the skill to make sound financial decisions.


Our friendly licensed insolvency trustee will study your case to determine the options available to you.


The meeting will be an opportunity to come out stronger from the current crisis.


Our Strategy


We have a sound strategy to examine and evaluate your case, identify the best solution available and execute the solution.


We arrive at the decision based on your case, your financial situation and a free and open discussion.


Our solution could be either bankruptcy or one of the alternatives to bankruptcy.


The actual solution can be determined only after studying your case and your financial situation.


We recommend bankruptcy as the last solution only when the other alternatives do not work.


We hold one or meetings with you to examine your case and to identify the solution.


In the meetings, we explain to you the processes involved in the execution of any solution we may arrive at.


We also explain why a solution is better than the other alternatives.


Once we get your consent, we move ahead with the execution of the solution.


Results You Can Expect


You can expect to get over the debt problem.


You can also expect to make a fresh financial start.


However, the most important result you can expect is a sense of empowerment or achievement.


You will be a transformed man ready to handle financial challenges in the future and will most likely never face this situation again ever.