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Has your debt begun to suck you?


Are you feeling stressed by debts?


Do you feel depressed at times due to mounting debts?


Are you left with nothing by the month-end?


Do you have to often compromise on necessary purchases?


If your answer to one or more questions is yes, we are pretty sure you need help with debts.


The help is going to ensure your mental and physical health you may not have experienced in years.


We are Strathroy, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustees.


MNP Limited Strathroy, ON Licensed Insolvency Trustee

1790 Dundas Street East
London, Ontario N5W 3E5
Phone: 519-800-7253


We are mandated to serve you, if you are being harassed by your creditors.


You only need to call us once with your problem to put an instant end to the harassment.


You will find a number of professionals listed on this page.


Professional servicing in your area is the best one for you.


They will promptly attend to your call and your request.


What is Against the Law?


It is against the law for your creditor to harass you.


If needed, we will issue a cease and desist letter to them so that they do not call you again, even as the debt against you remains.


There is a clear law on the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.


In case they violate it and you inform us about it, we can go any extent in defense of your rights.


The important point for you to note here is that you have legal rights that cannot be abused by your creditors.


Since it is against the law not to close your debts, we would ensure there are no legal loopholes that your creditor can exploit against you.


Our Support Strategy


The interest of our clients is our foremost objective.


If you are not in a position to pay off your debts completely, we would still work out a solution best suited to your financial circumstances.


After studying, examining and evaluating your case, we work out multiple solutions.


With the options available to you, it is quite likely that one among them can be conveniently executed.


Nonetheless, we would not move ahead with any solution unless you give your consent.


That is, it is more important for us to offer a solution that you can easily perform than just close the case anyhow.