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Are you looking for debt help or bankruptcy help?


Truro, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee is your one-stop solution to everything you need at this moment.


We have a local and nationwide presence.


You may find the financial professional nearest to you listed on this webpage.


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MNP Limited Truro, NS Licensed Insolvency Trustee

640 Prince Street
Truro, NS B2N 1G6
Phone: 902-200-1146


Our Job


A large number of Canadians seek financial help.


We are there to serve them.


Our trustee helps them meet financial goals even under the worst financial circumstances they might have inadvertently landed into.


We work out financial solutions for them.


We assist them with bankruptcy administration, or help them discover bankruptcy alternatives.


Our trustee can help them discover ways to save money, manage their debts, and handle their debts responsibly.


Debt repayment may become unmanageable for various reasons not always under your control.


We have the experience and expertise to make you aware of the danger signals.


When you read the danger signals in advance, you learn to raise the red flag and manage your finances dextrously.


With this learning and education, you drive your financial journey smoothly once you make a fresh start.


Our expertise comes from decades of experience in this field.


We know most often financial worries are irrational.


It has more to do with a lack of knowledge than the actual lack of finances.


We make you free of debts and teach you how to avoid financial troubles once you become debt-free and make a new financial start.


Why Choose Us


We treat our clients with respect and dignity.


We follow the ethical code of conduct.


Our friendly insolvency trustee takes the time to meet you and explain to you each step involved in getting free of the debts.


We are transparent and never make a decision concerning you without your consent.


The debt elimination process involves a lot of paperwork.


The legal language in these papers is difficult to understand for someone that lacks expertise.


Our trustee will work with a determined focus to offer you the best solution pertaining to your case.


We explain to you why this solution is advantageous to you and in your best interest.


We believe in building a strong and lasting relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and confidence.