Trustees Aren’t Scary, They’re Here to Help!

There are lots of things that are scary in this world, but Licensed Insolvency Trustees aren’t the people you need to be fearing.

Especially if you are currently overwhelmed with debt, there are other people that might appear more threatening.

You might be afraid of the mailman as he approaches your mailbox with what looks like red-letter bills or letters from your creditors.

You might be afraid of your landlord if you are being threatened with an eviction notice because of unpaid rent.

And you might be afraid of the debt collection companies that are hounding you at the request of the people you owe money too.

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These are the people that you might be more than a little fearful of, and we can understand why.

Being in debt can be a terrifying and lonely experience, especially when you feel as if you have no-one to turn to for help.

But here’s the thing: A Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) can actually help you.

You shouldn’t fear them because they can provide the answer to all of your debt problems.

So, if you are worried about picking up a phone and speaking to one of our Trustees, fear no more.

We are here to help, so be brave.

Get in touch with us, and seek relief from your debt problems today.

Living With Debt

When you’re in debt, life can seem hard.

You might:


  • Have difficulty paying your household bills.
  • Face limitations when it comes to what you can and can’t buy.
  • Experience embarrassment because of your money problems.
  • Endure phone calls and harassment letters from your creditors.
  • Experience stress-related health problems.


But life doesn’t have to be hard.

The household debt ratio is rising according to statistics, but you don’t have to be a statistic forever if you’re currently stuck with debt.

As we suggested, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee could be the person you need to speak to, as they have the experience and skills necessary to help you get back on track financially.

Instead of fearing a meeting with a Trustee, welcome it with open arms instead, as you will experience the benefits.

How A Licensed Insolvency Trustee Can Help

When you speak to one of our Trustees, you will receive the help you need in your struggle against your debt problem.

An Insolvency Trustee will review your finances with you and will seek to understand the reasons why you got into debt.

With years of experience to draw on, they will help you to come to terms with your debt problem and will present a variety of debt-relief options to you.

Admittedly, bankruptcy will be one of these options, but there are other solutions that could fit your specific set of circumstances.

A Consumer Proposal is one possibility, but debt consolidation will also be discussed with you, alongside other options that might reduce the need to consider bankruptcy.

If you decide to file for bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal, your Trustee will help you every step of the way.

They will prepare all of the necessary documents and will file them on your behalf.

They will deal with your creditors for you and will speak with them about your situation so you don’t have to.

They will make sure that your creditors comply with all of the necessary legal protocols.

And they will support you with counselling sessions that are designed to help you manage your finances both now and in the future.

Do Trustees appear scary to you now?

Okay, so we know that you might be worried about your Trustee taking your assets away from you, and this is a common reason why many people are fearful.

But you won’t lose all of your possessions, especially those essential items that are needed for work or that are needed to care for the basic needs of your family.

And those items that you do lose will be used to pay off the debts you owe, and while this is an inconvenience, you should still be thankful that they are being used to lead you you into a debt-free life.

Think of the alternative.

You could continue into debt for the foreseeable future, and suffer from all of the negatives that we listed previously.

You might be tempted to take out more credit cards or payday loans to pay off your existing debts and consequently perpetuate your debt problem.

You might also lose many of your assets if a debt collection agency is sent by your creditor to collect what is owed to them.

Considering the fact that a Trustee can rescue you from these burdens, do they really seem that scary in comparison?

A Trustee will work with you on your debt problem and will lead you away from the debt trap you have fallen into.

They will teach you money skills that you will then have with you forever, and they will advise you on the path you need to take to stay debt-free for the duration of your life.

And if you do choose bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal, you will have somebody at your side to guide you through the processes involved, and to put you on the road towards financial freedom.

Depending on your financial situation, you could eliminate your debts in as little as nine months or five years at the maximum if you follow the advice of your Trustee.

Instead of feelings of fear, you will experience feelings of peace with the help of one of our professionals.

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Trustees aren’t scary!

They are here to help, and you could get the help you need by contacting us today.

Call us at (877) 879-4770 or complete this consultation form, and get in touch with the Trustee who could help you change your life for the better.

You will be glad that you did, as all of the problems that are associated with debt will one day disappear from your life if you do seek the experienced and friendly assistance of a Trustee.

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