Bankruptcy Canada Trustees Offer Debt Help Solutions

About Us - Bankruptcy CanadaEach year, Bankruptcy Canada’s local trustees help thousands of Canadians from all walks of life and every province and territory resolve their money problems and gain control of their financial future.

We take great pride in providing the right debt help solution to match your unique financial challenges in a respectful and dignified manner.

Our team works to make sure all your questions are answered, your concerns are addressed and your fears are eased.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

Each partner trustee of Bankruptcy Canada is a licensed professional that offers a free, no obligation consultation that helps you decide on the best way to proceed with getting out of debt.

We begin each consultation meeting by listening to your problems so we can have an understanding of your money problems and debt situations so we can help provide you with the best advice.

Once we have the full understanding of your financial situation we will be able to suggest the best possible debt solutions for you.

Although the final decision will be up to you, we will always suggest the best solutions for the situation as this is one of the ethical requirements of a licensed insolvency trustee.

Certain solutions your trustee can suggest include budget assistance, credit counselling, consumer proposals, or as a last resort in most cases, filing for bankruptcy.

We are specialists at helping individuals and businesses get out of debt in a legal, responsible and fair way.

Your Bankruptcy Canada trustee will:

• Offer you the best solutions for your debt problems;

• Guide you through the bankruptcy or consumer proposal process;

• Develop budgeting, money management, and credit skills to stay out of debt in the future through the two required counselling sessions you will receive from the trustee when you go bankrupt or make a consumer proposal to your creditors;

• Help advise you if you can avoid bankruptcy or a consumer proposal based on your unique financial situation.

• When you meet with your insolvency trustee they will explain all of the pros and cons of each option they feel could work for your situation and help you understand how each option will impact your debts, credit, and financial future.

For further information on how we can help you get out of debt please contact your local Bankruptcy Canada trustee office.