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Our competent team of debt experts is available to assist you in obtaining the financial fresh start you are looking for. The initial stage involves speaking with a friendly and understanding member of our team, who can provide assurance, support and relief. This is precisely what you will receive when you schedule a free and confidential 30-minute personalized debt consultation with Bankruptcy Canada.

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Bankruptcy Canada is committed to protecting your privacy at all times. None of your personal information is sent to our site or automatically gathered when you access our site. This site uses a SSL certificate to ensure all information provided through our evaluation form is not accessible to anyone except  the operators of Bankruptcy Canada . We only collect the information necessary to perform an evaluation and have a Trustee in your area contact you.

Benefits of a Scheduling a Personal Debt Consultation

  • This is a chance to express your worries regarding debt to a skilled professional.
  • You will have a sympathetic, unbiased listener who can provide you with the information necessary to make an informed decision about your finances.
  • There is absolutely no charge for this service.
  • Your discussion will remain confidential.
  • There is no pressure or requirement to take immediate action.
  • Discover all the available debt solutions that can assist you.
  • You will experience a sense of confidence and relief, knowing that a solution is within your grasp.

There is no Universal Solution for Debt Relief That Applies to Everyone

We provide two government-regulated debt relief choices that can be tailored to your specific financial circumstances. Consumer proposals: A consumer proposal is a formal agreement that allows you to consolidate your debt and make an offer to your creditors to either modify your payment terms or repay only a portion of the amount you owe. Find out additional details about consumer proposals. Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy is a legal procedure that offers individuals burdened by overwhelming debt a chance to restart their finances. It relieves you from the legal responsibility to repay your debts, with a few specific types of debt being exempted by law. Learn more about the bankruptcy process.

Why Choose BankruptcyCanada?

To maintain our impartial stance, we take the time to understand the unique financial circumstances of each person and educate them on the available solutions for their overwhelming debt. We make sure that individuals comprehend the consequences of each option and are aware of how the process will proceed, avoiding any unexpected surprises later on. Our objective is to assist people in reclaiming control over their finances by resolving their debt issues. For further details regarding personal debt consultations, you can refer to our article that outlines what to anticipate during a free consultation with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

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I was feeling overwhelmed by my credit debt, constantly receiving calls and letters from debt collectors, which caused a great deal of stress. It seemed like there was no way out of this situation. However, I discovered Bankruptcy Canada while listening to my local talk radio station. This organization proved to be friendly, empathetic, knowledgeable, and professional, with extensive experience in their field.

During our initial meeting, they took the time to understand my debt and financial circumstances. They explained the various options available to me and helped create a personalized plan that would be most beneficial for my situation. With their assistance, I was able to avoid declaring bankruptcy by presenting a consumer proposal to my creditors. Fortunately, my proposal was accepted, and I am extremely relieved to finally be free of debt, all thanks to BankruptcyCanada. The burden on my shoulders feels significantly lighter now, and I truly believe that Bankruptcy Canada has the most skilled specialists in debt relief.