Am I Responsible For My Common Law Spouse’s Debts?

Common Law Spouse & Debts: Who is Responsible For What Debts?

Navigating through the financial intricacies of a relationship, especially in a common-law arrangement, can be a tricky road to tread. One of the most pressing questions that often come up is, “Am I Responsible For My Common Law Spouses Debts?” Let’s unravel this complex issue in the guide below.

Defining Common-Law Relationship

Common-law relationships have been legally recognized in several jurisdictions, including British Columbia. These unions are typically constituted when two individuals have been living together in a marriage-like relationship, usually for a stipulated period.

Understanding Debt Responsibility

The primary concern for many is understanding whether they are accountable for their common-law spouse’s debts. The simple answer is, no, unless you have specifically signed for them. The debts that you sign for are solely your responsibility, and the same applies to your common-law spouse.

Shared Debts

However, if both parties sign for a debt, they are both held accountable for it. Should one party fail to fulfill their payment obligations, the lender has the right to pursue the other party for the outstanding amount.

Supplemental or Spousal Credit Cards

When it comes to supplemental or spousal credit cards, the situation can be slightly more complicated. The responsibility for the debt on these cards largely depends on the terms outlined in the cardholder agreement.

Seeking Legal Advice

For those living in British Columbia and seeking further information on debt responsibility in a common-law relationship, it’s advisable to consult with a legal expert or contact an MNP office in your area.


In conclusion, while being a common-law spouse does not automatically make you liable for your partner’s debts, there are situations where shared responsibility may apply. It’s crucial to understand the financial implications of your relationship status and seek legal advice if necessary.

Note: This article serves as a general guide and does not substitute professional legal advice. Always consult with a legal expert for personalized advice.

Common Law Spouses Debts

Understanding Debt Responsibility is vital in any relationship, especially in a common-law arrangement. The golden rule is, if you don’t sign for a debt, it’s not your responsibility. However, shared debts and certain credit cards can complicate this rule, making it essential to read the fine print and seek legal advice when needed.

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