Bankruptcy Filings in Canada

An Overview of Bankruptcy Filings in Canada

Bankruptcy filings in Canada have seen a notable increase over the years. Statistics released by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) show a rise in the number of both bankruptcies and proposals.

The Rising Trend in Canadian Bankruptcy Filings

Bankruptcy filings in Canada have shown a significant increase.

Provincial Breakdown of Bankruptcy Statistics

Different provinces showed varying degrees of increase in bankruptcy filings. Alberta recorded the highest increase at 18%, followed by Ontario with a 10% increase, and Quebec with a 9.5% rise. Interestingly, Saskatchewan recorded a decline in bankruptcy filings over the same period.

Understanding Bankruptcy and Proposal Filings

Alongside bankruptcy filings, proposal filings also saw a rise.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act


“Bankruptcy and Proposal filings are usually a lagging indicator of the state of the economy.”


The Economic Impact on Bankruptcy Filings

The state of the economy has a significant impact on bankruptcy filings. People usually do not file for bankruptcy immediately after losing a job. They often wait for several months before taking this step.

The Role of Employment in Bankruptcy Cases

One of the triggers for bankruptcy filings is the threat of wage garnishment by creditors. This typically happens when an individual finds new employment after a period of joblessness.

Bankruptcy Filings in Western Canada

Western Canada’s bankruptcy filings are still below the national average. However, with the cancellation of various oil sands projects and the decline of the forestry industry, an increase in filings is anticipated.

The Future Outlook of Bankruptcy Filings

While it is hoped that Canada will weather the current economic turmoil better than most countries, an increase in bankruptcy filings over the next 12 to 24 months is anticipated.

The Effect on the Canadian Economy

The increase in bankruptcy filings has a significant impact on the Canadian economy. It affects the financial stability of the nation and the wellbeing of its citizens.

How Canada Compares to the World

Compared to many countries, Canada has a lower rate of bankruptcy filings. However, the current economic climate suggests that these numbers may rise in the near future.


Bankruptcy filings in Canada are closely tied to the state of the economy. As economic conditions fluctuate, so do the rates of bankruptcy and proposal filings. As the country navigates through the current economic storm, it remains to be seen how these numbers will evolve.

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