Bankruptcy Northwest Territories – Licensed insolvency Trustees

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Bankruptcy Northwest Territories (NWT) Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Bankruptcy Northwest TerritoriesBankruptcy Canada has a list of high quality bankruptcy trustees that are professionals who follow a strict code of ethics.

These bankruptcy trustees can provide a free consultation meeting, and arrange a payment schedule if you require.

Bankruptcy Northwest Territories – Why you can set your mind at ease when dealing with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee:

  1. NT bankruptcy Trustees are regulated by the government so the fees will be the same no matter which trustee you use;
  2. Trustee are the most highly trained debt professionals in Canada:
    1. Most have a university degree and are CPAs;
    2. All must take and pass a rigorous 3 year bankruptcy and law course;
    3. The RCMP investigates trustees before they are licensed;
    4. Ongoing training and courses are mandatory.