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Bankruptcy Nunavut:

If you are facing overwhelming debts, a Nunavut Licensed Insolvency Trustee can offer you many benefits:

Bankruptcy NunavutBankruptcy Nunavut Trustees Provide a Full Range of Financial Advice:

A Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help you file bankruptcy and develop a consumer proposal plan for your creditors.

In addition to this bankruptcy trustees are also debt consultants and can give you financial counselling.

The Cost of a Bankruptcy Nunavut Trustee is Less Than Other Debt Professionals:

You can file for bankruptcy or make a proposal for less than using another debt consultant.

The fees a bankruptcy trustee can charge are regulated by the government.

You Are Protected: Trustees must abide by a stern code of ethics and are regulated by the government, ensuring you will only deal with professionals when hiring a trustee.

Trustee Training: Bankruptcy trustees are highly educated professionals, with university degrees and accounting accreditation.

In addition, before a bankruptcy trustee can receive their trustee license, they must pass a challenging three year training course.

Rebuild Your Credit Score Quicker: When you file a bankruptcy or a proposal you will enter into a debt repayment plan that will be recorded by the credit bureau.

If you maintain your payments under the repayment plan you will be able to rebuild your credit score faster than by using a credit counsellor or any other debt professional.