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Adamson, Bankruptcy Trustee St ThomasPlease Call John Adamson at 519-800-3223 to schedule a confidential evaluation. John is friendly, caring and Licensed by the Government

Bankruptcy Trustee St Thomas: 

Our local trustee in St Thomas is John Adamson.

John can be reached at 519-800-3223 to discuss your options or arrange a confidential consultation.

Filing for bankruptcy, making a proposal to your creditors or attempting to get your debt under control can be a challenging decision.

The St. Thomas bankruptcy trustees of Bankruptcy Canada are proud to give assistance to individuals from the St. Thomas area who are facing debt challenges.

We are proud to offer friendly and respectful debt relief advice and support in a friendly, no pressure situation.

The intent of the St. Thomas bankruptcy laws are to give individuals a chance for a fresh start to their financial affairs. The ON bankruptcy exemptions can protect your assets from seizure.

We have a team of the most skilled, professional and friendly trustees in bankruptcy in the St. Thomas area.

With many years of insolvency experience, it is possible for us to provide assistance with filing bankruptcy, making a consumer proposal, or other alternatives that could be a possibility for you depending on your unique financial situation.

We can schedule a confidential consultation meeting to discuss your finances with you so we can begin building a plan for you to tackle your problems with money.

Bankruptcy or a Consumer Proposal:

Bankruptcy St. Thomas, ON - Consumer Proposals & Declaring Bankruptcy in St. Thomas, Ontario

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We might be able to help you avoid bankruptcy through an informal proposal to your creditors, a formal consumer proposal, or if it would be in your best interest to go bankrupt we can help guide you through the process.

You have nothing to lose because our CAIRP certified trustees are highly ethical and will give you their best advice in all cases regardless of whether that means using the trustees’ services or not.

Learn how you can get out of debt by contacting our team of insolvency trustees today.

If you are dealing with harassing phone calls seeking debt repayment, have overwhelming debt or are looking for alternatives to bankruptcy, our licensed insolvency trustee in St Thomas can help you.