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How Bankruptcy Canada Can Provide Filing Bankruptcy Help (or Help With a Consumer Proposal)

Filing Bankruptcy HelpWe are the largest network of Licensed Insolvency Trustees (a bankruptcy trustee) with 426 trustee offices in every province and territory in Canada.

Each of Bankruptcy Canada’s trustees offers a free, no obligation consultation so you can get the answers to your bankruptcy questions, learn more about bankruptcy and explore bankruptcy alternatives that might exist for you.

A consumer proposal is the most popular bankruptcy alternative although there might be other alternatives to bankruptcy for getting out of debt.

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We Offer Filing Help

Any bankruptcy trustee of Bankruptcy Canada is a licensed bankruptcy trustee (now called Licensed Insolvency Trustees) and consumer proposal administrator.

If you are struggling with your debt and other money problems we can help you get on the path to financial success.

Founded in 1999, Bankruptcy Canada is the largest, most trusted and oldest network of Canadian bankruptcy trustees in every province and territory.

With over 400 trustee offices across Canada we have a local office in your area that can help you manage your debt and get you out of debt whether through bankruptcy, filing a consumer proposal or through some other debt relief alternative.

What Bankruptcy Canada Does to Offer Filing Bankruptcy Help

We help individuals and business with filing bankruptcy, assistance with consumer proposals and with dealing with creditors and collection agencies.

We are federally licensed debt relief professionals who help people understand how to deal with their debts and craft individual plans for each client on how to get out of debt and, more importantly, give you the skills needed to stay debt free and avoid bankruptcy in the future.

As bankruptcy trustees and consumer proposal administrators, we are licensed by the OSB (Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy) to administer to the legal aspects of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act such as bankruptcy or a proposal.

How We Are Different

Bankruptcy Canada is a nation wide network of Licensed Insolvency Trustees, although we have individual trustee offices providing bankruptcy assistance in each province and territory.

Our local insolvency trustee offices are proud to provide insolvency services in the communities they serve.

We have a team of highly educated, friendly and ethically responsible professionals who take pride in helping people get their debt problems under control and to give each individual the personalized attention they need.

Our team can be reached on weekends and in the evenings and if you have any questions during your bankruptcy process you can feel free to contact your trustee.

We offer non-judgemental evaluation meetings with a friendly bankruptcy trustee so you can learn all of the pros and cons of bankruptcy or one of the bankruptcy alternatives.

Bankruptcy Canada is a national network, although each of our trustees is a local bankruptcy expert.

Someone who declares bankruptcy is hoping to improve their financial future.

Whether going bankrupt or a possible alternative is right for you will depend on the types of debts you have, whether you will face surplus income payments if you were to claim bankruptcy, and the monthly payments you can afford to make towards a possible debt proposal with your creditors.

If you go bankrupt, make a proposal, or enter into a debt settlement plan, you will receive credit counselling sessions with your trustee to help you avoid debt problems in the future.

Why You Should Contact Us

You have nothing to lose by contacting one of Bankruptcy Canada’s trustees except for your debt and the stress that comes with an overbearing debt load.

All of our trustees will offer you a confidential initial consultation during which you can get a better understanding of bankruptcy and whether it is right for you or if a consumer proposal might be more suitable.

The meeting with the trustee will be non-judgemental and the trustee will be caring, patient and friendly with you. We have the experience to help with all different kinds of money problems.

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