Can I Be A Director After My Bankruptcy Is Finished?

Being A Director of a Company Following Your Bankruptcy Discharge

Bankruptcy can be an arduous process, filled with uncertainties, particularly when it comes to your future prospects. One query that often surfaces is: Can I Be A Director After My Bankruptcy Is Finished? This article aims to address this concern with comprehensive insights.


Bankruptcy is a legal process that provides financial relief to individuals or entities unable to pay their debts. However, it can also lead to several restrictions and consequences, especially for those in leadership roles.

What Is Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal status that can be filed by individuals or corporations unable to repay their debts. This process begins with the debtor, or their creditors in some cases, filing a petition in the bankruptcy court.

Implications of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can carry significant implications, including an impact on credit rating, asset control, and restrictions on certain roles and responsibilities.

Bankruptcy and Directorship

During bankruptcy, there are restrictions in place that prevent an individual from acting as a director. This is because of the financial responsibilities associated with the role.

Discharge from Bankruptcy

After being discharged from bankruptcy, these restrictions are usually lifted. This means that a person can become a director of a corporation the day after their discharge.

Post-Bankruptcy Directorship

Post-bankruptcy, individuals are legally allowed to assume directorship roles. However, this is subject to the specific company’s policies and the individual’s ability to fulfill their duties effectively.

Bondability After Bankruptcy

Bondability refers to an individual’s likelihood of being approved for a bond. There is no legal prohibition against getting bonded after bankruptcy; it merely depends on the bonding company’s assessment at the time the bond is requested.


In conclusion, being discharged from bankruptcy does pave the way for taking up a director’s role. However, factors like company policies and individual creditworthiness are also key determining factors.

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