Can I File For Bankruptcy On My Own?

Filing for Bankruptcy on Your Own: Is it Possible?

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, one of the first questions that you might have is ‘can I file bankruptcy on my own’?

And to put it simply, it’s not possible to do this yourself.

Not only is this because it’s quite a challenging process to take on, but because you simply do not have the legal standing to file it.

The only person that can file for bankruptcy for you is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Filing it under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, they have to submit it to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

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This can be done after meeting with your trustee in person.

During this initial consultation, your trustee will assess your financial situation (including your income, expenses and type of debt you have) and talk you through the different options that are available to you.

Their role in the process is to act as a referee, bridging the gap between the debtor and the creditors so that a repayment plan is agreed upon by both parties.

What Happens if Bankruptcy is the Best Option? 

If it’s decided that bankruptcy is the only way forward for you, they will take you through the various steps associated with the process along with the necessary regulations and rules.

As part of this process, they will inform you about what your monthly repayments will be and what assets could be affected.

After assessing this, your trustee will help to determine how long your bankruptcy will be, along with the cost of it.

Never a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Each bankruptcy process is different and will depend on a person by person basis.

Therefore, it’s essential that you seek professional guidance from a trustee at the start, so that you can start to regain your financial stability as soon as possible.

Answering any questions you might have about bankruptcy, you’ll be in the know.

A Common Myth: Filing bankruptcy with a Debt Consultant

One of the most common myths surrounding filing for bankruptcy in Canada is that you can do it through a debt consultant.

However, they can’t assist you with filing for bankruptcy on your own.

Although they can prove to be helpful in the sense that they work with your creditors and organize your paperwork as a way of eliminating debt, there are many disadvantages associated with this option.



  • They have no legal standing to consolidate or discharge your debts.
  • They are not accredited trustees.
  • They charge high fees for the process.
  • They are unable to take you through the process.


Contact a Licensed Insolvency Trustee Today

Do you want to find out more about the process of filing for bankruptcy?

It’s vital that you avoid investing your money in companies or other professionals that will charge you high fees and that can’t efficiently eliminate your debts.

Therefore, it’s worth contacting a Licensed Insolvency Trustee who can offer you a free initial consultation and guide you in the right direction.

At Bankruptcy Canada we’ve partnered with nearly 400 trustees across Canada.

To discover how they can help you, get in contact with one of them today.

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